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Save $500 a Month

April 22, 2019

Everyone needs money. As Kanye West perfectly said, “having money isn’t everything, not having it is.” If you’ve ever had $0.03 in your bank account, then you know what he’s talking about.

But you know what sucks almost as much as not having money? Having money and then spending it. If it feels like you spend more every year then you’re right. The cost of living has been steadily rising so I hope your paychecks are going up by at least that amount. If your paycheck is static then it’s time to buckle down and start saving.

Buckling down doesn’t mean you need to eat out less, it means you need to choose where you eat. It’s important to eat, and it’s even more important to eat well. Normally I spend $12.99 for 2 sushi rolls and I’m left feeling hungry and a bit upset. Sushi is great 😋 but the cost leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Sometimes you have to pull out the big guns… and go to Costco.

Costco is the land of cheap and delicious food (also, we’re not sponsored by Costco - we’re just big fans). It’s the ultimate go-to when you want a delicious meal. A hotdog at Costco is only $1.50 and hasn’t changed price since 1985. Even though the cost of living is going up Costco has kept their hotdog price the same. Now that is value.

Their hotdogs are delicious, filling, and nutrient dense. Actually, I’m not sure about the nutrients part, but I do know they don’t use phosphates, corn syrup, or fillers. That’s healthy in my books.

Going to Costco is like going to the physiotherapist. You’re kind of reluctant to go at first, but over a long period of time, you see the benefits. It’s not just for fueling up before a road trip or treating yourself after a big grocery shop, you can save some serious dough by filling up on a glorious Costco all beef or polish.

If an average takeout meal is $12.99, and a Costco dog costs $1.50, that’s a savings of $11.49 every single time. You only need to eat 43.51 Costco hotdogs a month to save $500. Not even crazy considering there are on average 90 meals a month. Just eat half of them at Costco and thank me later.

I know you’re wondering… “What about that Costco membership? Did you ever think about that?”. Yes, I have. You don’t need a membership to buy food from the food court. It does feel kind of weird walking into Costco and going straight to the food court, blazing past everyone who’s leaving the warehouse with their full shopping carts. Don’t worry about them. Act confident, keep your head up, and walk right to the food court. You’ll be the one laughing on a pile of $500 bills or loonies later.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to eat 43.51 Costco hotdogs a month you have other options. RateRover can save you hundreds of dollars every year so you can buy even more Costco hotdogs or whatever else you want. We find you the best credit card so you no longer miss out on travel rewards, cashback, and low interest. It’s free (and always will be). Unfortunately, it can’t give you directions to the nearest Costco, but maybe you won’t need it.

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